Sarah Dee


Sarah was first introduced to yoga in her hometown of Vancouver, BC in 2009 but didn’t fully immerse herself in the community, or develop a regular practice, until she moved to Toronto and found her way to Uptown. As a former competitive athlete, and avid runner, Sarah uses yoga to find new ways to move and strengthen her body, but also to relax, stretch, and slow down. What she enjoys most about the practice is connecting with others in a shared space, and building community.
Sarah completed her Level 1 Modo training in early 2016 and her Modo Flow training in November 2017. In her teaching, she puts emphasis on breath awareness and on honouring the body exactly where it is, at any given moment–you’ll often hear her say, ‘where are you today? just meet yourself there’. Sarah has great respect for movement as a path toward healing and believes that yoga can be both an invigorating and nourishing practice.